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The Grass Is Dead would like to take a moment to acknowledge the tragic loss of one of our founding members, Corey Dwyer in 2014.  Corey was a multi instrumentalist and vocalist whose contribution to the band will forever be remembered and cherished by all who knew and loved him.  No words can express the gratitude that the GID will forever feel for having had the honor of playing with Corey, but most importantly for his friendship and his wonderful spirit.

We would also like to thank the following former members of the band who have contributed greatly to The Grass Is Dead sound over these many years:  Bubba Newton, founding member and bass player; Josh Foster, guitarist; Brent Hopper, mandolin and vocalist; and Brittany Reilly, bass player and vocalist.  Without all of their hard work and dedication, The Grass Is Dead would not be what it is today and we truly thank them for the heart and soul that they all gave.


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